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Have you considered how you might emerge from this crisis stronger than before?

Businesses that invest in themselves and adapt to their patients’ changing needs gain considerable advantage as the new normal takes hold.

We can help you:

  • talk to your patients right now.
  • create a low-contact environment in your practice.
  • empower your patients and thus your practice.
  • enhance and organise your telemedicine offering right now.

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Keep your patients close: Pencil Me In is an online diary and organisational system that not only allows your patients to make bookings with you, but also sends out notifications keeping them informed and on time! Sign up now and you could be talking to your entire patient base almost immediately!

Low-Contact environment: With Pencil Me In you can send consent forms or required information forms out as soon as patients book with you reducing the time they spend in the practice, exposed to others.

CLICK HERE to see an Example consent form and COVID-19 pre-screening

Empower your patients: Make sure your patients can book with you as soon as they are allowed to. Online booking allows them to book as soon as, or even just as the restrictions are lifted. Lock-down can’t last forever so make sure you’re ahead of the news!

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